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Orange Aces (Age 8-10)

This program is for new players in age group 8 to 10 years and also serves as a progression level from Mini-RedTots. At this stage players will develop better command on their strokes and will learn game techniques and tactics. They will sharpen their skills through host of  team and individual competitions. Students in this stage train with the ITF Stage 2 Orange ball which is 50% slower than the standard yellow ball & allows players to start learning the techniques and implement advance strokes. Court size is still smaller than full size court.

Recommended Equipment : (Consult your coach for correct size)

Racket - WILSON Burn Pink Jr  / Ultra Jr
Tennis Shoes – WILSON KAOS 2.0 Junior



Elysha D'Souza

FPTA Orange Aces


Team Orange Aces - Gardens


Team Orange Aces -

Iranian Club

Image by Moises Alex

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