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About Us

Established in 2010, FPTA is now present in UAE, Argentina & India & operates 11 centers across Dubai. Having experience of training 1000+ students, FuturePro is one of the most trusted and fastest growing academies in UAE. Winner of 4 out of the 7 event categories of the UAE National league for the past 2 years, FuturePro has strongly established itself as the No 1 Team in the country.

FuturePro coaching team comprises of former ATP/ITF ranked players turned coaches who are equipped with top rated GPTCA, ITF & USPTR certifications giving the players an unparalleled value & experience. The programs are designed based on extensive research & expert recommendations and guidelines of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Passion for Excellence

FuturePro Tennis Academy is promoted and led by former ATP/WTA players turned coaches who are passionate about of the game and believe in giving to our players nothing but the best.


Our mission is to promote the game of tennis in UAE for children and adults through a multitude of programs, events and seminars conducted at our 11 centers and participating schools.


We are affiliated and recognized by Tennis Emirates (UAE’s National Tennis
Federation) and is approved by UAE General Authority of Sports.


Holistic Tennis

Tennis at FuturePro Tennis Academy is not just about competitive sports training, it's a deeper mission to promote tennis as a holistic sport with a myriad of benefits.

We believe that taking up tennis as a sports early in your life has life-long benefits including physical health and mental strength. Tennis is also a social activity giving you opportunity to bond with family and friends. As an outdoor activity it has visible impact on your physiology and builds your immune system.


FuturePro Tennis Academy strongly supports the UAE Tennis Federation and hosts majority of the National Ranking Junior, Adults and Veterans Tournaments in the country.


We also host Amateur League Tournaments allowing recreation player to get
experience of competition and help them improve their game.

Throughout the year, each of our centers conduct internal Mini Tennis tournaments to give our little one's the first hand exposure to competition.


FPTA School Programs offer a way for young players to get introduced to the
wonderful game of Tennis.


The Team

Training children and adults to love the sport and excel, is an essential
objective of our coaches who are passionate about tennis and have proven
track record on the courts as a player and coach.

All our coaches are internationally certified coaches from GPTCA, ITF or USPTR and are also registered with the UAE Tennis Federation. The coaches are trained on Health & Safety procedures and are also certified on basic First Aid.


The main coaching team is supported by team of Fitness coaches and off-court Tennis experts to provide our players all the supporting tools and knowledge required to build themselves as the next champion. 


Our 11 centers are conveniently located across Dubai offering you great flexibility and convenience. Located within prominent residential communities, Sports Clubs and School campuses, all our centers offer a secure and safe environment for players to enjoy learning their game.  


Some venue offer indoor facilities to allow for continuity in training during peak
summer months. 

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